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The Sad Plight of The Cleanest Energy

Clearly natural gas is the go to best energy source. It is much cleaner, easy to transport and should be used in more engines, especially as natural gas diesels where efficiencies are extra high. Further, it is a great fit for trucks, stationary generators, etc.  It burns clean and the oil gets very few contaminates. But the drawback… Read More »

Doomsday Environmentalism

In the mid-1970s, oil companies were being told oil was running out, prices were high and there was nothing they could do about it. The environmental movement from day one was full of horror stories about the oil industry and how it was ravaging whatever supposedly endangered acre or bug they could conjure up. In the midst of… Read More »

Lithium Mining in America

Contrary to belief and the common moniker “Rare Earth”, lithium and its sister metals group is not particularly rare. What it is though is, in particular, is not concentrated.  Therefore, without concentration, lithium is found everywhere and no where at the same time. It is simply too diffused in the ground to make it economic to develop into… Read More »

Global Warming Predictions Continue to Fail

The argument over global warming is a clash between true believers and skeptics. As believers, the Global Warming alarmists are convinced only one world government can control the climate and in doing so save the planet from itself. They believe that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is real and a huge threat, thus it is a religion. “Believing” in… Read More »

Electric Cars – Imminent Adoption or Pie in the Sky?

Electric pie in the sky is the promise of electric cars. Adoptive technology is fast paced. It took decades to go from the origin of the 110v electric grid to adaptation of same in the average household. My own parents did not even get access to electricity until I was two years old. But cell phones, computers, etc.… Read More »

Solar, Wind, and the Electrical Grid

The truth about the electric grid is that power cannot be stored with any efficiency. Wind and solar power are lame excuses which cannot deliver electricity when needed, only when the wind blows or the sun shines. Requiring utilities to take wind generated electricity destabilizes the grid. Proponents claiming wind and solar can provide most of our electrical… Read More »

Prices, Petroleum, & Gravity

The sudden collapse in oil prices was predictable although few of the pundits were willing to say so. The public understanding of such is even less than the so called experts. It’s about supply and demand. Moreover it is about the supply and demand for what is sold as “oil”. So let’s define petroleum first. Oils are graded… Read More »

Unrealistic View of Energy Fuels Has Become the Norm

Some people apparently thinks drilling for oil on American soil is foolish.  And there are those who claim that in the short term drilling will only benefit oil companies. Our oil companies make huge profits because energy is a huge part of our economy. That $34 billion pales in comparison to the $130 billion plus that Tech companies… Read More »

Mergers Are a Sign of a Sick Industry

Newfield Energy will merge with Encana. As usual everyone is touting this as a win-win. In fact, it is another sign of how sick these companies really are. Don’t be fooled. They are not making a return on the huge chunks of money they are spending. It is the oil equivalent of kiting checks. You drill more wells… Read More »