Begging Terrorist for Oil

By | March 8, 2022

Facing high gasoline and gas prices and this idiot we call a president did what just because he lost in court?
The Biden Administration has delayed or stopped work on federal oil and gas leases and permits following a court ruling that struck down the Administration’s “social cost of carbon” metric to account for climate risk when holding lease sales or issuing permits.​

Earlier this month, Judge James D. Cain, JR of a Louisiana district court granted a preliminary injunction sought by major fossil fuel-producing states in a lawsuit against the Biden Administration challenging the so-called “social cost of carbon” in rule-making and decision-making regarding lease sales.​
As a result of this court ruling, the Administration has stopped or delayed work on leases, grants, permits, and rules​.  So in my last post I was wrong… $90? We blew through that overnight. $120-150, what does it matter? Biden doesn’t care and now is going to go crawling to the Saudi prince he high hatted a few months ago, and to a dictator in the worlds worst polluted oil country (Venezuela) as well as a known terrorist state wanting revenge for Trump killing a general of theirs (Iran).  Meanwhile ignoring the one country that could and would provide more oil if only they had let Keystone be completed.  Welcome to an unreal world unraveling in the face of the most incompetent president who has ever sat in the Oval Office.