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Climate Stupidity

Climate Stupidity seems to abound in the world. It is partly fueled by the Elephant and Blind Man problem. I mean when the blind men all felt a different part of the elephant, they concluded different things about the nature of the elephant. Climate myopia exists in the so-called “science”.

Climatologist was normally the title of the lowest man on the totem pole in any University department, Agricultural School, or state meteorological group. You probably didn’t graduate with your meteorology degree with a 3.8 GPA. Today, the climate scientist is supposed to be the top of the heap, the guru that all others look up to. I politely demur from that thought.Climate scientists today seem to have real differences. The physics major and math geeks are convinced their elegant models are not mere hypothesis, but consider them facts. The fallacy of that comes from the obvious. From 30 years of predictions virtually none have come true. The hiatus in temperature rises from the last 15 years was not predicted as the models indicated a quid pro quo rise in temperature with the increase in CO2. The sea level has not risen an inch let alone 20 feet. Sea ice is increasing in the Arctic. The Antarctic is colder than ever.

Meteorologists, on the other hand, are split about 50/50 and much more of the notion that “climate” is merely weather, and the weather and climate change constantly just as it has for the ages.
Solar scientists tend to be skeptics of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) because they recognize the change in distance from the sun, the tilt of the earth and the shape of the orbit around the sun changes the amount of sun light that hits the earth.

Historical geologists, see past climates as the key to future events. And they are now coming to some slow recognition that slow change – the uniformitarian concept of geology of the past two hundred years – may be less than accurate assessment of world events. Clearly, mega volcanoes have cooled the earth dramatically, bringing about changes that have been called the “year without a summer”.

But a few lone voices in the wilderness are also stressing that there were mega events, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs at the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction, and the far more recent extinction of the mega-fauna of both South and North America associated with the radical warming of climate 12,000 years or so ago, and the sudden collapse known as the Younger Dryas a thousand years later.

As some scientists noted, huge continental glaciers are slow to melt in the face of even a large warm up (say 5 degrees F) and such warm ups should take hundreds or even thousands of years. It takes an ice cube a lot longer to melt in the refrigerator than on the sidewalk. Yet some say the glaciers melted in a matter of a few years or even months implying a huge heat source like a methane fireball.

Futurist theory such as promoted by Randall Carlson suggests alternatives such as methane ice became superheated fireballs from heaven bringing about huge chunks of burning methane into the atmosphere, sucking up the oxygen and melting so much ice as to create the scablands of Washington and similar geological structures. He argues that biblical, as well as other ancient accounts, of burning mountains in the sky are description of real events seen by pre-historic man and passed down over the millennia in oral traditions.

The current “global warming” scam is so badly put together that NASA has created a false “adjusted” data set to “prove” AGW. The raw record shows no such warming. The problem is so acute that the cheerleaders for global warming have resorted to calling it global climate change and claiming that the warming earth is “cooling” the climate by giving off cold, changing ocean and wind cycles, and transferring the cold in the Arctic to lower latitudes. Cold is the absence of heat and is not created by warming anything. And there is strong evidence that glaciers were much smaller than present a mere 1,500 years ago and the Arctic may have been passable thousands of years ago.

The proponents of AGW have attempted to attack the historical evidence that there was such things as the Medieval Warming Event or the Little Ice Age. And there is nothing to stop this nonsense as it has degenerated into a political argument pitting Republicans against Democrats. Like all too much science, politics muddies the water. And I won’t go any further than the fact all studies of the herbicide Roundup has shown clearly that there is little or no evidence that the chemical is a serious threat to human health but a court, composed of morons and not scientists nor doctors, had decided it is despite no evidence of harm in its 50 year history.

When the world gets hungry, then hungry people will be happy to see GMOs and Roundup used to grow all the food we can. And a significantly colder climate means a lot of people will die.