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Gas Flaring is Wasting Your Gas & Your Oil

Gas flaring is being allowed and mineral owners should be up in arms over it.  Proponents declare the oil couldn’t be produced and the explorers would go bankrupt if unable to get that pesky gas out of the way by simply burning it off to get at the oil.  Producers have only themselves to blame if they go… Read More »

Sitting in the Cheap Seats

The state of the oil industry has always been chaotic, from the days of old to the present. Today the average person thinks of the oil business as being deep horizontal wells, long laterals and trucks galore frac’ing multiple stages and wells at the same time. The cost of these wells can exceed $10 million apiece.  At $50/bbl.,… Read More »

Climate Stupidity

Climate Stupidity seems to abound in the world. It is partly fueled by the Elephant and Blind Man problem. I mean when the blind men all felt a different part of the elephant, they concluded different things about the nature of the elephant. Climate myopia exists in the so-called “science”. Climatologist was normally the title of the lowest… Read More »

Is Lithium Mining of Oil Field Brines in Our Future

From the Arkansas Geological Commission Lithium (Li) is the lightest of all the metals, having an atomic weight of 6.939 and a specific gravity of 0.534. The mineral spodumene (LiAlSi2O6), which is often present in extremely coarse-grained igneous rocks called pegmatites, is the most important commercial ore mineral of lithium. In the 1960’s, with the discovery of lithium… Read More »

BP Cheated Mineral Owners According to Suit

The Litigation seeks damages for Defendant’s alleged underpayment of royalties to the royalty owners in the Class described above on Oklahoma wells where Defendant (or a predecessor or affiliate of Defendant) is or was the operator or, as a non-operator, Defendant (or a predecessor or affiliate of Defendant) separately marketed gas. Plaintiff John Cecil (“Plaintiff”) alleges that BP… Read More »

The Sad Plight of The Cleanest Energy

Clearly natural gas is the go to best energy source. It is much cleaner, easy to transport and should be used in more engines, especially as natural gas diesels where efficiencies are extra high. Further, it is a great fit for trucks, stationary generators, etc.  It burns clean and the oil gets very few contaminates. But the drawback… Read More »

Doomsday Environmentalism

In the mid-1970s, oil companies were being told oil was running out, prices were high and there was nothing they could do about it. The environmental movement from day one was full of horror stories about the oil industry and how it was ravaging whatever supposedly endangered acre or bug they could conjure up. In the midst of… Read More »

Lithium Mining in America

Contrary to belief and the common moniker “Rare Earth”, lithium and its sister metals group is not particularly rare. What it is though is, in particular, is not concentrated.  Therefore, without concentration, lithium is found everywhere and no where at the same time. It is simply too diffused in the ground to make it economic to develop into… Read More »

Global Warming Predictions Continue to Fail

The argument over global warming is a clash between true believers and skeptics. As believers, the Global Warming alarmists are convinced only one world government can control the climate and in doing so save the planet from itself. They believe that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is real and a huge threat, thus it is a religion. “Believing” in… Read More »