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An Open Challenge to Global Warming Alarmists

  Conditioned response was the forte of Pavlov and his dogs. Contrary to belief, the dogs didn’t slobber when they heard a bell. It was a metronome or an electrical shock they got. Today America is force-fed the notion that “climate change” which used to be called “global warming” is a given. Further more, it is a given… Read More »

Begging Terrorist for Oil

Facing high gasoline and gas prices and this idiot we call a president did what just because he lost in court? The Biden Administration has delayed or stopped work on federal oil and gas leases and permits following a court ruling that struck down the Administration’s “social cost of carbon” metric to account for climate risk when holding… Read More »

Ninety Bucks is Not a Deer Herd

Oil prices have skyrocketed and supply chain issues and the Biden administration’s war against petroleum is backfiring big time. We will likely see $100/bbl. oil by the middle of spring. And the American consumer is being hammered. Part of this is the sudden ramping up of demand but states like Colorado as well as Federal lands are scaring… Read More »

The Greenies Have No Answers

Oil prices ended the year at $75/bbl. (WTI Intermediate) and natural gas about $3.73/MCF. This is a huge improvement from last year as the economy makes recovery from the collapse associated with the Covid-19 epidemic. But with the anti-oil sentiment and government attempts to shut down the very engine of our economy with no clear idea how we… Read More »

Updating Arkansas – A Slow Recovery

When we examine the activity of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission, we find that they are approving a few exploratory wells in South Arkansas, and much fewer in the gas rich northern district of the Arkoma and Fayetteville Shale. What I do see is Merit and others attempting to delay plugging and abandoning certain low producing or… Read More »

Only Simpletons think Renewables are Simple to Implement

Impossible It is a simple truth that some things are simply impossible no matter what some inspirational poster might say. You are not going roller skating on an active lava flow. And the idea that magically in a decade or two, we can convert the entire grid to electricity, all cars will be electric and there is no… Read More »

Climate Alarmism & Pseudoscience Is Brainwashing Everyone

The climate alarmists conspiracy to globalize and control all climate discussion is heating up as pseudo-scientists claim to be able to see the future 80 years in advance.  Only an idiot would claim that a model – a hypothesis if you will – is “science”.  Science has to be falsifiable (Karl Popper) and testable. You cannot claim science… Read More »

The False Narrative of the High Price of Natural Gas

Listening to Agritalk dot com and they have two energy themes day after day. Natural gas is “too high” and “ethanol is clean and low carbon”. Neither proposition is supported by facts. Natural gas was over $2 per MCF FORTY YEARS AGO…adjusted for inflation, that means natural gas, ignoring the much greater cost of fracking, for simple time… Read More »