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There is Limited Upside to Leasing for Lithium in S. Arkansas

The hot play of 2023 was the Lithium leasing play in South Arkansas. That play focuses upon Exxon’s involvement as well as the high, but since fallen, price of lithium.  The Lanxess project indicates that it is economy to extract lithium from the tail waters of the nearby Great Lakes bromine facility. The bromine is extracted from produced… Read More »

Myth of the 100 Year Flood

The myth of the “One Hundred Year Flood” continues as FEMA maps both the 100 and the 500 year flood without any reference whatsoever to actual flood records.  Today people are building houses in areas that are outside the “100-year flood zone” only to get inundated with water in their houses a few years later. Below is the… Read More »

Record Low Nat. Gas & No One Wants it? Why?

Record low prices for natural gas means basins like the Barnett and Fayetteville are dead.  Currently the rig count is down about 100 rigs. And gas prices are bottoming out at $1.80, prices similar to that of 40-50 years ago. Insanely low but all due to one reason. Associated gas. Associated gas is produced as a byproduct of… Read More »

Lithium – Look Before You Lease

The lithium boom of S Arkansas begs the question of how to pay the royalty owners. This is a problem as it is not like normal oil and gas production. The lithium carbonate is gleaned from the tailwaters of the bromine plants and so the owners are paid a per acre royalty there that is annually adjusted to… Read More »

Exploring for Lithium – Mineral Owners Beware

Several years ago Standard Lithium, a Canadian and German specialty minerals company, under the flag name of the Lanxess lithium project, began testing the idea of extracting Lithium from the tail waters of a bromine extraction plant in El Dorado, Arkansas.  The original wells were from the Smackover formation, an early producing oil field which basically had played… Read More »

Export Oil Ban is a Dumb Idea from a Dumb Senator

From “Block All New (BAN) Fossil Fuel Exports Act, legislation that would amend the Energy Policy and Conservation Act and ban the export of American crude oil and natural gas abroad to protect frontline communities from dangerous export infrastructure, prioritize U.S. consumers against fossil fuel profiteering, and help ensure the United States meets its climate and clean… Read More »

To Ell in a Handbasket

The experts in the Government when queried by a legislator about how much carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere, guessed from 5% to 8%. But in reality it is about 400 PPM – 0.04 of 1%… This is the caliber of morons who are running the EPA and other agencies making critical decisions about the future of this… Read More »

Permian Associated Gas is Damaging the US Markets

Half the USA rigs running today are running in the Permian basin. The Permian cannot do it all. Further, the rigs are seeking oil yet the Delaware and other parts of the Permian play are gas basins, not oil. The use of fracking and horizontal drilling is getting some oil, but these wells can quickly degenerate into mostly… Read More »

The Impossible Green Goal

The environmentalists believe that carbon dioxide is so evil they are in a mad rush to develop electric vehicles (EVs) and replace all gas engines by 2035. I have news for them.  EVs are not going to cut it.  They have a lot of disadvantages. First, they are not all that green. The breakeven point considering all the… Read More »