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Keep Track of Your Minerals

I am not a good bookkeeper but when my check stub arrives I read it and post it in a spreadsheet, then distribute the money to the stakeholders in our family trust. That partnership has a means of smooth transition so if I die suddenly, the checks continue to flow into the account and the names change on… Read More »

The Peer Review Scandal in Science

Peer review was supposed to be a method whereby a scientist who published articles had their scientific work scrutinized by a body of “peers”. The peer system is broken. There have been a huge number of self-serving periodicals, journals and on line journals that are “peer reviewed” by like-minded friends of the author. So much for peer review.… Read More »

High Prices Are Not a Given in 2017

The “keep it in the ground” snowflakes are certainly a clueless bunch. They have no idea what they are talking about and standing on the street and chanting while wearing faux fur, Dacron II filled nylon jackets with plastic zippers, and holding up signs made from vinyl speaks volumes about their nonsensical view of the world. Never mind… Read More »

Geothermal – the Other Low Carbon Energy

Geothermal energy is the poor stepchild of low carbon footprint “alternative energy”. Why? Well, I suspect the fact it involves an actual drilling rig common to the oil patch has something to do with the ocular vision of those who prefer raptor killing windmills or expensive short lived solar panels. Geothermal involves a passive method where a hole… Read More »

Protesters Think Pipelines Cause Earthquakes

Protesters in Fayetteville, AR are protesting the Diamond pipeline project that will take oil from Cushing, OK to a refinery in Memphis, TN. One protester claimed to have quit his job here in Arkansas, then gone to N. Dakota to protest at the DAPL site and then returned here to protest the Diamond pipeline. I suppose he rode… Read More »

The Press is Comprised of Idiots Who Cannot Read or Comprehend

The U.S. Geological Survey recently discovered the largest continuous oil and gas deposit ever found in the United States, officials said Tuesday.” What an utter crock of crap. The USGS does not “discover” anything. They do not drill. They do not do seismic, nor much of anything else other than accumulate data from the oil companies and their… Read More »

The Housing Crisis Was Foreseen

Ten years after, we still suffer from the consequences. So was Barney a liar, or just that stupid? Barney Frank – No problem 2.2.2005 my comments months before above, from Realty Times Warns appraiser Terrel Shields, “… The financial day of reckoning will come. When it does it will be like the early 80’s when Realtor after Realtor… Read More »

Climate Change Bunkum

Today we are bombarded with scientific nonsense. Daniel B. Botkin, ecologist and author as well as professor emeritus has shredded the global warming crowd and they hate it. But he lays out compelling evidence that climate myths are destroying the environment. Further, he has sound science behind him. In judging the moral philosophy – some call it “ecosophy”… Read More »

The Myth of Alternative Energy Replacing Oil

I was visiting with a friend recently and we were talking about the “good old days” which we recalled to not always be so good. But I ventured that without electricity, we would be back to the old days overnight. How would we survive? I still have a barn with milk stanchions. I still have an old work… Read More »

Incompetent Reporters 97% Fooled by Junk Science

Politicians are goobers and have no scientific knowledge but they understand the benefit of taxing carbon for profit This is what the British courts thought of the “science” He stated: “It is built around the charismatic presence of the ex-vice president Al Gore, whose crusade is to persuade the world of the dangers of climate change caused by… Read More »