Terrel Shields, Certified General Appraiser

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SVS, Inc. (Shields Valuation Surveys, Inc.) appraises ranch, minerals and vacant land. The firm specializes in appraising oil and gas mineral rights for mineral owners in addition to providing geological consulting services. We value mineral rights, oil and gas appraisal and provide well site geological service. We are certified general appraisers in Arkansas and Oklahoma

Services Include:

* Farm & Ranch Appraisal
* Mineral Rights Appraisal
* Geological Property Risk Consulting
* Expert Testimony
* Wellsite and Field Geology

From Cabin to Castle, large estates and mineral rights are our specialty.

Some services we provide

Certified Real Estate Appraisals

We appraise rural, commercial farm, and estate property in Arkansas and Oklahoma. We provide reports for legal and tax consultants, estates, and others in narrative format to USPAP standards.

Mineral Rights Valuation Mineral royalties are often valued for Estates, Litigation, and for taxation or taking purposes. Your CPA may value an income stream but the general rule is that those valuations are more than the market value for producing property and less than market value for non-producing (exploration) property. The reason is that production tends to decline with time therefore, royalty income is a declining income stream in most cases.Also, mineral appraisers with a geological background can make some judgments about the long-term potential of such royalty or mineral holdings

To properly do an oil and gas appraisal, the appraiser function is usually best separated from the estimating function. The estimating function sets up the parameters or forecast of the income stream by estimating the remaining reserves, known as the “decline curve”. That function is usually performed by a qualified reservoir engineer or geologist experienced in estimating probable production.

The appraising function takes the estimate above and translates it into a traditional appraisal using the Income, Sales, and Cost approaches (actually the Cost Approach is rarely applicable.)

Geological Hazards Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection of property for geological hazards serves to protect the unwary buyer from disaster. Steep slopes, rock falls, poor soils, flood zones, earthquake risk and other geological problems cost property owners millions annually. Developers risk l<? include (‘../feeds/newsfeeds/zfeeder.php’); ?>osing their investment. People’s lives can be at risk.

Landslide near Heber Springs, AR Because of our construction materials and real estate background, we can do geological investigations to help protect you from disasters. This picture of a landslide near Heber Springs, Arkansas where we were engaged to conduct a survey of the cause of the disaster.

Wellsite Consulting

Having problems correlating your well? Are your mudloggers unfamiliar with the Arkoma Basin? I have 20 years experience in the basin as well as experience in the Mississippian Embayment at the extreme edges of the Fayetteville Shale Play. I have examined well samples from over 20 wells in Woodruff, Lee, Cross, Crittenden, and White Counties as well as numerous wells and logs from Faulkner, Conway, Van Buren, and Pope County. I also have experience with both mud and air-drilled shallow wells in E. Oklahoma and Arkansas. We have scope, will travel. Expertise and experience in SW Colorado, E & W Texas, and all of Oklahoma.

Terrel Shields
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