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Only Simpletons think Renewables are Simple to Implement

Impossible It is a simple truth that some things are simply impossible no matter what some inspirational poster might say. You are not going roller skating on an active lava flow. And the idea that magically in a decade or two, we can convert the entire grid to electricity, all cars will be electric and there is no… Read More »

Climate Alarmism & Pseudoscience Is Brainwashing Everyone

The climate alarmists conspiracy to globalize and control all climate discussion is heating up as pseudo-scientists claim to be able to see the future 80 years in advance.  Only an idiot would claim that a model – a hypothesis if you will – is “science”.  Science has to be falsifiable (Karl Popper) and testable. You cannot claim science… Read More »

The False Narrative of the High Price of Natural Gas

Listening to Agritalk dot com and they have two energy themes day after day. Natural gas is “too high” and “ethanol is clean and low carbon”. Neither proposition is supported by facts. Natural gas was over $2 per MCF FORTY YEARS AGO…adjusted for inflation, that means natural gas, ignoring the much greater cost of fracking, for simple time… Read More »

Cheap Gasoline isn’t Going to Hurt Renewables

Let me disabuse you of a notion. Cheap gasoline isn’t going to “hurt” renewables. No renewable is really standing on its own. It is directly subsidized unlike drilling for oil or even refining…Depletion Allowance is not a “subsidy” for big oil. It is simple depreciation. Grandma pays taxes on her mineral rights and the only deduction she gets… Read More »

Will 2021 Be Better for the Oil Industry?

2020 was a rough year for the oil business. The bloated natural gas production associated with attempting to extract oil from wells better defined as gas wells created a glut of natural gas while making the nation a net exporter of oil.  That disappeared into the abyss when gas prices in west Texas collapsed into negative territory followed… Read More »

The Perverse Inverse Relationship of Politics and Oil

There is a weird but fundamental relationship between politics and oil. The Democrats hate oil and believe that it should basically be eliminated permanently in favor of ‘green’ energy (whatever that is.) The Republicans promote the oil business as necessary and vital to the economy. Yet the industry often benefits from Democratic policies while Republican policies often end… Read More »

Too Early to Declare the Death of the Oil Industry

We have such a glut in natural gas I do not see a return to the prices of fifteen years ago. Oil, on the other hand, will necessarily be in high demand. With the so-called “Tier 1” acreage being oil doesn’t mean it is all oil. From my calculus for a number of wells, it seems that these… Read More »

Biden Will Kill the Industry but Not the Cost of Energy

What does Biden promise the oil business? It is hard to say explicitly since he talks out of both sides of his mouth. He said he’d ban fracking. In debate with Trump, he denied it, challenging Trump to prove it. So Trump did, and posted his exact words. Biden otherwise claimed a slow “transition” away from oil and… Read More »

The Green New Deal is Coming & You Will Pay For It

The Green New Deal (GND) is coming and with it the poorest in the nation will suffer. Simple fact. Market forces rule. They always rule. Stifle competition and pick winners and losers and everyone suffers. The GND will pick electric vehicles over gas driven ones without recognizing the problems it creates and it will, once again, be blamed… Read More »