To Ell in a Handbasket

By | April 12, 2023

The experts in the Government when queried by a legislator about how much carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere, guessed from 5% to 8%. But in reality it is about 400 PPM – 0.04 of 1%… This is the caliber of morons who are running the EPA and other agencies making critical decisions about the future of this country. It is insane.

We have no metals in the US that can be exploited anew. If the mine does not exist now, it will never be permitted. Therefore, we are dependent upon other countries for all the battery components and we depend upon China the most – a China that is increasingly belligerent and hostile to our interests. The idea that we can produce 50% of cars as EVs in 7 years is insanely unrealistic, if not impossible, regardless how many subsidies and promises made.

The failure to use fossil fuels would mean the trade balance shifts from bad to impossibly worse. It is unsustainable. We would be getting 100% of our energy minerals from overseas and have only food to sell in exchange.  And how are we going to produce more food without more potash production, phosphorus production, and making nitrates using natural gas?

The insanity of the current administration is impossible to measure in its depth. And without some leadership besides Trump, the Republicans will certainly lose in the long run. Trump’s ideas are smart and timely but there is some nigh 50% of the population so brainwashed by the Steele Dossier, constant impeachments, and other bogus MSM nonsense that they are convinced he is somehow a stooge of Putin, a homophobe, evil, vulgar, a racist (he’s probably the least racist president since Carter, including Obama).  Certainly his bombast is legendary and like Biden, frankly, he is just too old for this job.

We are in a pickle and I think the USA is headed for 3rd world status within the lifetime of young adults and they, of all people, seem the least cognizant of that fact. God have mercy on their stupidity.  You can vote yourself socialism but you have to shoot your way out of it.